Specialized Service Division

More than Just a Handyman

Our specialized service division contains handyman & real estate transaction services


As you live in your home, items begin to show age while ideas for increased comfort and detail arise that are just out of your abilities. While your wishlist may be too small for a full service general contractor, Encompass Handyman offers a la carte services to fit any size project. 

Our skilled technicians are dedicated to providing excellent services to help lessen the burden of everyday property repairs and maintenance. 

Real Estate Transaction

If you have a list of items to finish in selling or purchasing your home, our Real Estate Transaction Specialist dedicates their time to directly managing projects that involve inspection repairs.

Encompass is driven to provide our clients with a personalized approach that emphasizes efficiency and cost-effectivity. 

Service Examples

Blind & Curtain Installation
Siding & Shutter Repair
Tv Mount Installation
Door & Window Repair
Furniture Assembly
Pier Winterization

Director of S.S.D.

Flooring Repair
Paint Touch-Up
Filter Changes
Trim Repairs
Deck Repair